Friday, April 14, 2017

Chapter 8

  • Who has been killed off?
    • Gatsby, Wilson, and Myrtle.
  • What larger ideas have been killed off, and how?
    • What died beyond them is the symbols that they represent, Gatsby is the American Dream, finally someone who had made it. Wilson was an everyday person, one who got up and worked, then we would come back and sleep, simply to wake up and do it all other again. Which I think is symbolic of one getting caught in a routine and never leaving that which would kill off any dreams. 
  • What forces are behind the destruction in this chapter and throughout the novel?
  • What ideas and people take the blame for their own self-destruction?
    • Every single characters sense of greed. Nick wants to be someone exciting and Gatsby gave him that, but I think Nick realized that it wouldn't go anywhere better. Gatsby's love for Daisy and the fact that he grew himself for nothing simply so Daisy could love him and only him. Daisy's craving for affection, Daisy almost seems to be in need of being the constant center of attention, without that it's almost as if she feels she is nothing, which is why she drags Gatsby and Tom along with her. Tom's need to have power, Tom wants to remain top dog no matter what, when Gatsby enters his life Tom feels as though there is a competition, never caring for anyone but himself. 
  • What part of Gatsby died before he was murdered?
    • His love for Daisy and that which is material, the end goal throughout his life was to have it all, and he got that. But like the story the climax made him realize that his fight was not worth it. He's had to go beyond what most do. The world is so much more than what we see and he realized that as he died. 
  • What part of Wilson died before he killed himself?
    • He lost humanity, when he discovered Myrtle was cheating on him his world fell. All that he knew and loved was nothing. He felt empty and pointless now that he's realized he never had it to begin with. 
  • What makes it a "death by fire"?
    • The gun is fire, and this almost acts as a starter to what it more. 

Chapter 6 G.G. and Ted Talk

  • What do you fear?
    • Loneliness the simple thought of being kills me, I guess I've never really had anyone to trust. 
  • What lies do you tell yourself?
    • That I need men like Tom and Gatsby to make me  believe that I am wanted by someone and that I won't have to be alone. 
  • How do you embellish your truth and write your own fictions?
    • I do so by wanting money and class, with that I have people and could be careless. 
  • What reality are you creating for yourself?
    • I am the beautiful wife of a man with money who couldn't ask for anything more.
  • How is this self-constructed reality harming you (and others)?
    • I don't come to terms with the fact that I have made myself become someone that will always need another. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Chapter 5 G.G.

We often times live with big questions of what if's, often times they are major regrets, that within our heads we see life altering. I think that this is the case with Gatsby and Daisy, within there heads they see that there lives are meant to cross. Gatsby sees Daisy as his one who got away, the girl he missed out on. When he finally has his chance with her he takes it and changes, " He literally glowed; without a word or a gesture of exultation a new well-being radiated from him and filled the little room."(89) I think that within his own head, he feels as if he is no one without Daisy. And as for Daisy, I feel like she loves the name more than him, Gatsby is her mystery boy that she had to move on, but now is her opportunity. Gatsby in her head has to be different from Tom who has rarely been a good husband to her, with Jay she has a new chance for not only love but also to maintain the same lifestyle she has always lead.

Pattern: Telling time, we see that as Gatsby has this tendency to look at the time and focus on it. I think that this is really focused on the fact that he fears time and that fact that he has let Daisy go for all this time. Though we do see that he has this intention to almost recreate those years he missed with Daisy.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Late Journals for Great Gatsby

Chapter 4

During our fishbowl for chapter 3 we discussed that there is something Gatsby wants that Nick has, as it turned out this is Daisy. Gatsby sees Nick as a entry back into Daisy’s life. A girl he fell in love with before the war and lost after it. Daisy as we know her so far is simple minded and emotional especially when she has to let go of Gatsby, “She began to cry --- she cried and cried…, and we locked the door and got her into a cold bath.” (pg. 76). There is a connotation to water that it brings life, but another could be the fact water drowns. Daisy received this letter from Gatsby, when she was ready to move on, leaving her emotion to the fact that she couldn’t handle.

Chapter 2

The Valley of Ashes, The Eggs, and New York are very romantic settings. It’s interesting to see how F. Scott applies these remnants of old style into new writings, like he has in making the settings a character. The Valley of Ashes as we see is gross and polluted. As if it is the worst of who a person can be, take away from the glamour of the Eggs, and the people who live there. We see raw and honest people. For Tom it is a brute who cares for nothing be sex and money, Daisy isn’t enough so he has Myrtle. Myrtle simply crave money yet feel she can sleep here way into that. Nick is boring and doesn’t know who he is. We only see this when they aren’t in there homes on the Eggs. After they see and we first experience the Valley of Ashes only do they truly become individuals. And New York becomes this after effect of regrets with a chance at redemption.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

G.G. Chapter 3

I really liked this focus on extravagance and the constant question of why.  When Nick observes Gatsby's way of living on the very first page, we see this grand effort, he speaks of oranges by crates being brought in and squeezed by the next day then on the helpers who always look tired making everything look nice. Nick is almost shocked by the effort, then he receives an invitation to the party, and once he gets there he realizes that it is almost arbitrary because you don’t need one to get in. Why would someone go to such great lengths for a party that they themselves would not enjoy? Fill it with wonders of music and food only really to sit and watch your guest.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Great Gatsby Poem

Her face itself was a scene meant to be enjoyed
With eyes that could kill anyone,
And lips that spoke in the most renowned of fashions.

The lines of a map taking us to any dream
Taking away from all that held our necks,
As if we were bound to suffer together.
To a paradise that we could call our Heaven.

As the city lights shone
A false image of what one could call Heaven.
And we would wait, until they were mere blurs to our horizon,
A faded memory.

How could death be the ugliest of our nature
Yet her beauty never faded from that.
She could kill me and I would die happy.

When her eyes caught mine,
Would I be next to fall?
Would her tears kill me?
A explosion leaving no man behind.

I knew the day we met I would die in that scene
Become lost on our map
Blurs meant to stay that way.
I was glad to have died
Not in her arms

But in those eyes.

Only her can leave me blue

Drowning in a cool bath
Filled to wash away a love that she lost
Now it's drawn to drown me.
To make me feel as if she did.

Monday, March 6, 2017

15,16, and 17


This chapter really emphasized her final straw and what really drove her to leave behind who she was she was and become a different person after her abortion. He knew that there was so much to the world that she had never seen and see was no longer going to let her father, a main obstacle in who she wants to be. This is how she handles leaving and we see that she is allowing herself to be angry. To finally expresses her genuine emotions towards her father beyond fear. She does feel remorse for having to leave her mother,sister, and Frances: however she recognizes the fact that she won't ever leave if she doesn't leave now. Frances we see if the hardest good bye she is making she is leaving one of the few people who has ever given her any kindness.


The chapter heavily focuses on the fact that he has realized that the mother he knows is not fully who his mother is. She has this past that is so sparse in hi eyes he almost realizes that she doesn't really know her. And that from this she keeps so much many repressed emotions. For a long time she could run from Rachel until finally she had to come to face her past in the form of driving. I think her driving really reflects her current state of mind it's uneven and rocky, and overall she fears for he children before thinking about herself.

Lost in Harlem

I like that this chapter really focuses of being lost when you are trying to become a new person. For the first time Ruth can final be a person free of thought and the kind of responsibilities that she had at home. But she doesn't really know what to do with herself. Which is where i feel she fell. She doesn't really know how to be her own person, so she ends up seeking some form of guidance from Rocky, this leads her in a somewhat dark path. Likely for her she left when she could and was able to continue on this long path of trying to discover who she was.